Age is Just a Number [Infographic]

Now, you could say life is truly exciting once you’ve accomplished all your dreams and aspirations. This is what most retirees feel after their company honours their service before they finally relax and enjoy life.

Being an elderly means to make investments, yes. But being elderly doesn’t mean retiring should mean a lazy venture into everyday life.

Most health deteriorations in elders are caused by laziness, a bad diet, lack of physical activity and more.

There are elderly individuals who had defied their body’s age demands even past the point of 70 to 80 years old.

Don’t believe us? Have a look at this infographic.

A Call to Disabled Friendly Homes

A charity is calling all the political parties to make a pledge to construct more disabled-friendly residences, after a survey discovered it is “frequently difficult” for impaired folks to discover homes they can reside in with dignity.

The Hidden Housing Crisis report released by Leonard Cheshire charity found 11 percent of grownups have movement problems and of these, 72 percent state that the door to their home is not available, 63 percent say they do not have a bathroom huge enough to fit a wheelchair into and half say that they do not have stairs  sufficient for a stair-lift to be fitted.

Sue Frier, who utilizes a mobility device has been staying in a two-storey residence for 2 years. She revealed exactly how her life has come to be impossible.

She claimed: “I have actually been incapable to go upstairs for two years and have to be washed in the kitchen area sink. If individuals pertain to see they need to leave our home when I make use of the commode as it has no door on so I could get my mobility device in. I have been informed I will have to hang around years to obtain a disabled pleasant house.”

Clare Pelham, chief executive of Leonard Cheshire Disability, called it “absolutely astonishing that in 2014 handicapped people are residing in conditions reminiscent of the Victorian time”.

She added: “A strip clean at a kitchen area sink is something that belongs in a period dramatization not Britain today. This is a hidden housing dilemma which we need to deal with head on. Our record reveals that rather than residence being the haven it should be, several thousands of disabled folks are closed out of their very own kitchen areas, bed rooms and washrooms.

“We must make certain that the future generation of homes are constructed with the future in mind. For an extremely tiny investment today, we could make certain that the houses of tomorrow provide handicapped and older individuals liberty and comfort as opposed to misery.”.

The report highlights the absence of action  to build these residences, which is leaving many impaired and more mature people not able to live comfortably, in addition to the reasonable changes that could be made. The importance of addressing these concerns cannot be overlooked. There are now companies that has been established to cater to the needs of our elderly. Guardian Stairlifts is a company that assesses, builds and installs a stairlift that is best suited for your love one.


Elderly Care Tips: How to Get Additional Assistance for Living At Home

civilian-service-63616_150Majority of the elderly population would prefer to be cared at home. This is because transferring to a new facility, away from the comfort of home is stressful for them.

However, home care can be costly than staying in facilities like Bluebird Care for the elderly. Knowing where to get assistance will help the elderly reduce their costs of living and improve quality of life.

The assistance receive will depend greatly on the needs and financial ability of the senior. They can either get full or partial assistance from the local health agency.

In UK, senor citizen is estimated around 10 million and the figure will continue to grow due to increase longevity of the population. Because of this, the need for holistic senior care is important to protect the elderly from neglect and abuse.

According to the Office of National Statistics, elderly aged from 65 and above in Wales and England is the 18th highest rate (16%) among EU nations. The highest is Germany with 21% seniors in the population.

Ensuring proper care among the elderly is necessary especially when the divorce rate in the population is increasing leaving them at risk for neglect.

The level of assistance an elderly can receive is based on various factors such as location, type of care, hours and days of home care. According to the statistics shown in Domiciliary Care UK Market Report, home care cost for senior living in North East is 10.99 during daytime while it cost more in London which is 13.77. Here are some tips to help you get additional assistance with home care.

Look for advice

All situations are unique and the first thing you need to do is to ask for advice regarding your condition. This will allow you to decide and plan for your additional assistance wisely. As much as possible, try to consult a care fee planner to help you get started with your home care like home care mayfair. This will save you plenty of time and money.

Health assessment

In order for any agency to provide the necessary assistance, they need to know your health needs. Health assessment is important because it will allow the respective authority to see your health risks and condition.

Without proper assessment, you will not get proper financial assistance. Most of the time, your real health needs may cost more than you think it is. Get assessed and submit the report to your respective local agencies.

Get the right benefits

One reason why you are lacking in your senior care is the inability to claim or access your existing health benefits. Check you health insurance policy or long term care conditions to see if there is anything that you are not claiming from your benefits.

There are also specific benefits that you can claim like Attendance Allowance for independent-funder or Registered Nursing Care for those who are staying in senior care facilities.

Getting additional assistance either financially or physically doesn’t have to be complicated. By asking the right questions, you can avoid heartache and make your home care a beautiful experience.

Maintaining Stairlifts

Once a stairlift is installed it is important that it is maintained consistently. This is necessary and if it is too much for the user to do the task, a carer or the company who installed it may do it. Here’s a video explaining the proper way to apply oil and lubricant.

Considering a Stairlift

The infographic below helpfully explain how a stairlift  can make life better for those who avail it. It talks about the following points:

  • Why do you need to have a stairlift?
  • How to choose a stairlift
  • Choosing the type of seat
  • The Powersource
  • Consider who will be using the stairlift
  • The Safety Features